RAZER VIPER V2 PRO Review: All You Need to Know

Surely any gamer knows the emblematic Razer Viper series, which offers the best gaming mice in terms of performance and weight.

The Razer Viper V2 Pro is an excellent addition to the line. It is a wireless model with an integrated battery that weighs only 59 g, making it the lightest in its class.

The manufacturers have eliminated unnecessary elements such as the RGB section to achieve maximum speed. It also comes equipped with more durable 3rd generation optical switches, Focus Pro 30K optical sensor with adaptive tracking distance, and HyperSpeed low latency technology.

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Keyboard Guide: All You Need To Know

A few years ago, purchasing a keyboard included going to the nearest mall and choosing between four or five options. Then, you tried the touch and looked at what you would like aesthetically or what would fit your budget. 

Then came the revolution of wireless keyboards, and now the multitude of options for choosing the perfect keyboard has skyrocketed. Because of that, this article will help you navigate through everything you need to know about keyboards before buying the perfect fit for you.

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REVIEW: Is Intel Core i5-12600K Worth It? (Is It Good For Games?)

The Intel Core i5-12600K is a mid-range 12th generation Intel Core processor (this gen is known as Alder Lake-S). A balance between configuration and cost makes it a strong option for gamers who want a high-performance machine but without the costs of the Core i9 and i7 models.

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Best Budget Smartphones 2022

Choosing a new smartphone might be one of the most challenging tasks for some. After all, you will rely on the device every day, and you want to make sure you pick an option that has the power needed to last throughout the next few years without giving in.

I am here to help you navigate the best cheap Android smartphones available in 2022 so that you can choose the perfect model for you.

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Should You Upgrade Your Intel Core CPU? (Reasons Why)

Every year a new generation of Intel Core CPUs comes out, and many users wonder whether it is time to upgrade their own. However, each person might have different needs regarding their CPU usage, and you need to be clear on how well your current CPU is tackling your daily needs. In this article, we will examine the top reasons that show you could benefit greatly from upgrading your Intel Core CPU.

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